SeaHawk Silver Water Sports Sunglasses

Price:£ 25.00 22/03/2015

Silver Water sports sun glasses.

Sunglasses designed for the demands of water sports such as Kite boarding, Surfing, Standup boarding and Jet skiing

These have 1.1mm POLARIZED smoke lenses to eliminate the glare on you eyes white enhancing visual acuity while out on the water.  The custom adjustable Elastic headband keeps them on you head during manoeuvres, but if you happen to hit a huge wave and your glasses go flying off, don’t worry – they float.  Seahawk glasses also feature custom intake vents that channel airflow across the lenses to virtually eliminate fogging, and a rubber nosepiece for comfort.  THE TPX – lightest polymer frame offer flexibility and floating ability and strength to resist the impact from extreme sports.

Comes with micro fiber storage bag.